Rub Up, Rub Down

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Niche: BBW
Description: Cat-eyed Aspen goes for a massage and when male hands give her a rub down, it's horny time. She lets the masseur pleasure her pussy with his cock also. The massage table becomes an altar of sex. Being Aspen's close friend comes with a lot of benefits and she is a woman who knows exactly what she wants. "My nipples are very sensitive but a guy doesn't need to treat them like they're porcelain. Pinch them. Bite them. Suck on them. They are sensitive but it feels really good to have them played with. Now, I won't do anything painful like nipple clamps. That would hurt too much. There are limits. My basic rule is, if you don't want me to do something to you then don't do it to me." Aspen is game for action, however..."I don't like anything degrading. I don't mind some light bondage and stuff like that as long as it stays fun. Tie me up, blindfold me, those are all good things. But I don't want anything that involves pain or degradation. For me, there's no place for that."
Pornstars: Aspen
Tube Length: 02:00
Submitted By: XL Girls
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Channel: BBW-Plumpers
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